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Post by RavenKitty on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:03 pm

1. REMEMBER THE GOAL OF THE FINAL TABLE IS TO ELIMINATE THE OTHER TEAM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Common sense tells you that as the members of 1 team are eliminated the odds favor the team with the most players still active.

If there are 3 players from team A against 1 player from team B it just makes sense that 1 of the 3 players from team A will get a good hand to play against the lone player from team B.

2. DON'T BET/RAISE YOUR TEAMMATES OUT OF THE GAME. If the only players left in a hand are your teammates just check your hands to the river and let the best hand win it.

3. If you have a monster hand and a teammate has limped in against the other teams player, bet the monster as soon as possible. You want your teammate to know that you have a hand to beat the other team’s player. HOWEVER, DO NOT KEEP BETTING TO CHASE A FLUSH OR STRAIGHT. If you do you may drive out your teammate who may already have the winning hand. I know it’s tough to fold a good hand but in team play it may not be the best hand to beat the other team.

4. If a teammate is short stacked and it is only the 2 of you left in the hand it is OK to dump some chips to your teammate. You can't talk about it during the hand but a player may comment before the start of a hand that he is short stacked and needs chips. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to help your teammate. JUST DON'T TALK ABOUT IT DURING THE HAND.

5. TABLE TALK WHILE A HAND IS BEING PLAYED IS FORBIDDEN. This means you cannot tell a teammate to fold or raise or ask them what they have or are they going to raise etc. Now if you want to tell an opposing player what is in your hand or tell them they should fold or trash talk a little to maybe bluff them that’s just good poker playing and not a problem. Just use your common sense here and everyone will be happy.

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