the good and the bad and maybe the ugly

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the good and the bad and maybe the ugly Empty the good and the bad and maybe the ugly

Post by jimmyd195300 on Wed May 25, 2011 4:38 am

the good- ive learned to do well in freerolls, the bad - i dont do very good in money ts , im up but only 400 in 2 yrs. the ugly- cant stand bad beats , get them frequently, and i dont suckout very often cause i dont make many bad calls unless short stacked.
the good- i like winning and ive won at least 50 freerolls in last 2 yrs and over 150 final tables. the bad- i hate losing , i hate being bubble boy or near it , the ugly- going out in a tournament all in before flop being 80% favorite and losing
the good- i think poker will be run out of nevada soon for us players. the bad - fbi and prosecutors. the ugly- the stupidity of it all and the suppression of american freedom of rights.
the good-freerolls r still available for us players. the bad- they r getting less and less. the ugly- the freeroll idiots that literally ruin a lot of hands and make it a stupid lotto game.


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